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Sabbath Services

It’s certainly difficult news, I know many of the brethren are familiar with the Jackson family. Of course I’ve met JD over the time, I’ve been able to meet and spend time with JD. He used to work there at the shop in Tennessee, got to know him for a while. These are difficult things and we’ve talked about this in time past about tragedies like this that do take place and it’s a moment where we recognize once again that God has not forgotten what’s going on. He’s not asleep at the wheel. He’s certainly is aware of these things and for each of us for to kind of take time and meditate on that. Of course praying and asking for God to put His arms around Thea and her children there. That He would encourage them, help them through this time, but again we know who God is. We know what he is doing, we know that he knows what He is doing, that He is going to accomplish what He set out to do. And so to keep things in our minds, the forefront of our minds when we’re praying about this that trust God and to give Him time to show Himself and what He’s got to accomplish here at the end of the age.

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