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Sabbath Services

The spirit world is much more powerful than the physical. As Satan’s time draws to a close, he becomes more active. This is why we see an uptick in violence today. As members of God’s true church, we have complete safety from Satan and all his demons. Genesis 6 speaks of the evil in Noah’s day, and verses 11 and 37 parallel the state we are in today: corrupt and violent. We are given the understanding of biblical prophecies (history written in advance) of the end time and are therefore without excuse. God made the earth “bara” (“perfect work”), though the very first verses of the bible tell us it became tohu” and “bohu” (“without form” and “void”, respectively). How did this happen to God’s perfect creation? Warring in heaven among spirit beings following Lucifer’s fall to become Satan. Then came the creation week of Genesis; or more aptly, the re-creation week. The only two spirit beings who have always been around are identified in John 1 as The Father and The Word. Mr. Monson continues this thread, explaining scripture on the origins of both the physical and spiritual world as we know it. We cover the fall of Lucifer, a brief outline of God’s 7,000 master plan for mankind, etc. We tie these historical and future events to contextualize today’s world and the purpose of trial in our lives. We also consider some of the questions left unanswered in scripture- such as how much time spans between the creation of angels and Satan’s rebellion. The sermon concludes with a bit more information about Lucifer’s great fall; and will be continued in a part II at a later date.