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Sabbath Services

Mr. Fritts takes us through an exposition of Christ’s sermon on the mount- the most prolific account to the disciples recorded in scripture. Christ’s narrative opens with the beatitudes, providing insight into the mindset God expects of Christians and the rewards for embodying these characteristics. Continuing on, Christ defines the identity, purpose, and responsibilities of God’s people as salt and light. After exhorting the disciples to “shine with good works”, He elaborates what these works are in finer detail. Christ then explains he came not to do away with the law but to magnify it. His “fulfilling” of the law meant to “fill it to the full”, to add a spiritual component in keeping the letter of the law; not to nail the commandments to the cross. The sermon follows with a series of principles Christians ought to live by such as mastering a generous spirit, praying and fasting in a way that pleases God (see: model prayer), extending mercy, practicing self-examination, and many other standards governing conduct (see: ask, seek, and knock, not condemning others, removing the plank from our own eye, the golden rule, maintaining perspective, building on the rock, bearing fruit). Christ mingles these duties with warnings of what happens when we don’t live the way which produces good fruit. To wrap up this greatest of all sermons, Christ ends warning Christians to build their spiritual house wisely.