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Sabbath Services

Mr. Loper starts with an examination of the deplorable leadership we see in the world today. As leadership is a keystone of the Christian calling, we are all responsible for setting the right example, standing up for the truth, and practicing servant leadership in every opportunity God provides us with. Mr. Loper outlines how to become a good leader by outlining seven essential qualities that Christians must incorporate into their leadership style. (1) Get to know your people. We cannot understand people we do not have a relationship with, and we cannot serve people well if we do not understand them. (2) A good leader persuades instead of coerces. Rulers who forcibly suppress the opposition abandon leadership for dictatorship. God’s way is one of free moral agency. Godly leaders lead by example and logic, not fear. (3) Character. Christians leaders are defined by their honesty, integrity, courage to handle unjust criticism, and self-control to avoid acting out of vengeance or spite. (4) Good leaders exercise a strong hand and make decisions. Successful leaders are decisive, make sound decisions, and discipline when necessary. (5) Strong leaders are able to take correction and sometimes lead by being led. Evaluate the expertise, skills, and strengths of the people on your team. Godly leaders are team players who possess the humility and wisdom to take correction and advice from their team. They are not afraid to admit when they are wrong and change accordingly. (6) Christian leaders have consistent vision. People thrive under a leader who knows where they are going, how to get there, and has a passion for the mission. Nehemiah, for instance, had a clearly defined goal of building the wall and sought after its achievement against all odds with total determination. (7) Lead by being a servant leader. Humbly serve in the trenches when necessary. Never be so proud as to feel you are above any task. Allow your behavior to speak your values. Christ rebuked the disciples for desiring to become great. Christ, the good shepherd, performed the ultimate act of servant leadership when He gave His life for the sheep. The success of any leader is limited only by their closeness with God.