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Sabbath Services

Well this afternoon I’d like to talk about a subject that really affects us from the time we’re old enough to ride a bike until we’re breathing our last breath. It’s a subject that’s been slowly quenched for the last 20 years, like the proverbial frog in a hot boiling pot of water. The world, our new world order which is really not new, is part of a thought process and is brainwashing all of us and is slowly taking away from us the drive and responsibility, hope and endurance that God wants us to have. The subject today is Leadership and having been in business for 31 years now, it’ll be actually 30, yeah 31 years now. January 1st would be 30, I started January 31st right before I turned 30, 31 years ago. All of us have been in the construction field, I’m a painting contractor and what I’m baffled and amazed by how many superintendents, foreman, managers and even some business owners I’ve encountered I could maybe count on one hand the true leaders among them.

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