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Sabbath Services

This way is not a singular choice, but a lifetime of choices. Where are we at with all the spiritual knowledge we have accumulated over the years? We, as firstfruits, are but the first to whom understanding and a chance at our inheritance has been given. One day, all will have the opportunity at this path God wishes us to pursue. We are saved by grace, through faith, according to our works. We have been called to the narrow, difficult path that leads to salvation. Christians are to put off the old, corrupt man and put on the new, Holy man. We can leave no room for the flesh if we are to be changed. The very hairs of our head are numbered. God sees us for who and what we truly are. Are we growing to be a reflection of the one, true God? Are we an embodiment of the character bred from God’s way of life? Are we a glimpse of what a Christian can and should be? If a reflection of God is not evident in our actions, we have some changing to do. The truth, knowledge, is only the first step. We must mature into this faith. Don’t wait for foxholes to renew your faith. Those faithful in small will be faithful in much. On this path, there is no standing still. There is only moving forward or backsliding. You wouldn’t leave the house without your wallet and keys. Don’t leave the house without putting on your spiritual armor (Ephesians 6). Looking at the lives of David and Joshua, we see that God’s way of life is possible and profitable.