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Sabbath Services

Without even one of our four physical necessities – food, water, air, light – we would perish. We need good, clean food. Christ is the bread of life. We need oxygen for the blood. Christ is the breath of life, our spiritual air. Christ is the fountain or living water. We need light for warmth, vision, photosynthesis, etc. Christ is the light of life. There is a reason God The Father and The Son are likened, throughout scripture, to the physical necessities of life. Throughout the bible, God emphasizes the need for us to forgive if we want ourselves forgiven by Him. Forgiveness is about laying aside the weight between ourselves and the one we are forgiving. Stephen’s martyrdom and Christ’s crucifixion show us what it means to be forgiving against all odds. He wants us to forgive, repent, and change to look forward with immense hope and anticipation for our glorious future. God is the foundation, a basic need in life. To be at one with God, we need to be forgiven. To be forgiven, we need to be forgiving.