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Sabbath Services

The world is sad, lonely, and lost. Not how or to whom, but why were we made? What were we created for? We were born and placed on this Earth to grow and develop our character so that we might become a part of His perfect family as eternal beings. Why? Because God wants a family. We have been made in God’s image and likeness. We are built with immense potential, a very bright future. We are joint heirs with Christ and begotten children of God. God wants a family. Our human potential and why we exist are different. Our potential is to be a part of that ruling family. We exist because God wants a family to share everything with. We are begotten royalty and thus have the responsibility to know our kingdom’s history, laws and customs. God’s law is love. Use the positive examples of faith filled Christians in scripture as a blueprint for you to learn those traits yourself. Society is not the place to determine what behaviors are fitting. Scripture does. We are here because God loves us. Look forward to what He has in store for us.