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Sabbath Services

Do you have an attitude of entitlement or one of gratitude? Do you think you deserve your wants, that pay raise, that you are above the job you are applying to? Do you find yourself thinking, “It’s mine. No one can tell me what to do.” ? In truth, every blessing ultimately comes from God. Our national blessings are the fulfillment of Abrahamic promises. God called Abraham “friend”. Can He say the same of us? They were able to walk together because they were agreed. Where does the prevailing sense of entitlement permeating the world scene originate from? It comes from the god of this world, Satan. Eve’s taking of the forbidden fruit, Korah’s rebellion, the prodigal son- all examples of downfall from an attitude of entitlement. What is the cure? A heart of thankfulness, a humble gratitude for God and all He has blessed us with.