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Sabbath Services

Mr. Loper opens with the story of Chuck Yager, the man who piloted the craft which broke the sound barrier. He was selected for the mission because he was known as being someone solid under pressure and someone who followed and respected authority. To be cool under pressured missions like this, we have to have faith in those in the positions of power above us and faith in the mission itself. We cannot please God without living faith. Faith allows us to have someone before we hold it. Like an Amazon package in shipment, the order has been placed, the bill paid, and we trust that the item is on its way for delivery. Faith in God means we know He is going to pull through and deliver us before we can see His hand in the matter. God’s promises and miracles and prophecies are strong evidence of His existence. His invisible attributes are clearly seen. If we know where and how to look, proving God isn’t difficult. Faith is built on the foundation of God’s word. Mr. Loper goes through Abraham’s example and that of other scriptures to showcase the type of faith that pleases God and exhorts us to build it in our own lives.