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Sabbath Services

Do you believe that God wrote the bible? Many people profess to know God and love Jesus, yet do not do the things He commands. Are you confident in your ability to discern the truth, and have you the courage to act on it? Prove God’s truth to yourself by testing it. God wants us to prove Him. Take ownership for your belief system. Hold God to His promises. Is the bible your absolute basis for all your beliefs? Or is it science? Politicians? Your family? This world has exchanged the truth for the lie. They want smooth things so much that they reject the truth. God has given them their wish and turned them over to a debased mind. God’s way is simple. His way is life and light and truth. In this world of mis- and disinformation, how do we reject the lie and embrace the truth? How do we prove God? Mr. Fritts considers the falsehoods Satan projects into this world and how we can discern fact from fiction.