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Sabbath Services

What is our primary goal as Christians? The main thing is to remember to keep the main thing the main thing. We cannot afford to let familiarity breed contempt in our faith. Spiritual success is not for the lazy. Pressing forward to the kingdom requires an all-out effort. If trials don’t challenge us, they don’t change us. Learn to do what is right, not what’s easy. If the kingdom means to you what it should, then you will be willing to give up everything for it. A will to change coupled with God’s Holy Spirit is the only receipt for true, lasting conversional change. The steadfast build houses on rocks, not sand. God’s word should be the bedrock of our lives, our moral compass and guide. Hebrews 11 shows us that the people of faith are the people of vision. We need to look forward to the kingdom, seeking it above all else (Matthew 6 vs 33), if we are going to maintain the hope and perspective needed to guide our steps towards life.