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Sabbath Services

We are officially three years out from COVID. Human nature doesn’t care to be inconvenienced, to go beyond the bare minimum. We signed up for these commitments when we chose to become the affianced bride of Christ. When COVID hit, we were passionate, committed, zealous, and providing all things. Now? When the shine wears off, the honeymoon phase ends, and reality replaces excitement, do we feel “I liked you better before I knew you”? Are we tired of the same stories, lulled to sleep without the danger in front of our eyes anymore? Are we locked in or are we drifting? Christ prayed and sweated blood the night before his crucifixion. The spirit wants to do good, but our weak flesh keeps holding us back. We see how Israel murmured and drifted from God. How easy is it to play Monday morning quarterback now, 2,000 years later, and convince ourselves that we would never sleep? Israel signs the contract of marriage with God in Exodus, but 40 days in they already fell into idolatry with the golden calf. With the admonition written before us in scripture and with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we are held to a higher standard than ancient, physical Israel. Israel goes through a cycle of drifting into sin, suffering the consequences as a result, supplicating to God, God providing salvation and deliverance, and then the drift begins again. Nothing is new under the sun. We are to learn from the lessons of history and break the cycle. We need to stay close to God no matter what, never drifting.