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Unleavened Bread

Okay, enough about that, let’s get into the sermon. I’ve got a lot to cover today and I might not get through it all. As you know most of you know I used to be a coach, an athletic director and a teacher and I still can’t get the teacher part out of me and today we’re going to teach much like what Mr. Schroeder did. There’s some things I want to cover, you might want to take notes, mark your bible. You should know what we’re covering here. If you’re wondering what the title is I’m going to cover 2 topics, at least attempt to. What I don’t finish, I’ll do another day. But the title is: What The Bible Says About the Origin of the Devil and His Final Judgment. In other words the fate of satan and the demons. So this is a topic that seems to be a hot button issue, both these right now and I wanted to review what the scriptures say. This is also by the way, a fundamental teaching of the Church now for quite some time.

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