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Unleavened Bread

For the sermon today I’d like to begin the service by just telling you a story. When we were planning adventure trips my wife and I planned them for years. We started back in 2005 and we would accept campers and staff and go to national parks and do hikes. Usually about 5 days in the back country, put in at one part of the back country, come out at a different part. Sometimes we do a giant circle and come right back to where we started. Other times we had to shuttle cars to the other end of the route so that we could get to those, we’d always have some base camp people and they’d be shuttling cars for like 3 days to get them to the other end. So when we got there we had something to get into and go back to our housing and then we’d get a good day of whitewater rafting on whatever the best river within 200 miles was. Sometimes we drove a ways but do a really great whitewater rafting trip, sometimes we did some rock climbing, guided rock climbing trips.

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