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Unleavened Bread

I want to begin by just telling you a short story, it’s a true story. When we were just kids in the Church we lived down in North Dakota in a place called the Turtle Mountains and it was like turtle mountains, rolling mountains, grass covered mountains, lot of trees, of all different species. Quite a bit of wildlife and it was a mixture of forested area and farmland and we had about 365 acres. It was a farm my grandfather had farmed and my dad had took over the job of farming that property when we moved out from Minneapolis. I was born in Minneapolis and I was 3 when we moved out to North Dakota. And I guess my sister, Nancy who is here, was born at that time. Maybe my brother Darrell was right about that time we were moving and we got out into North Dakota, we were farming and it was there that God called us into the Church. So we lived about 7 miles south of the Canadian border.

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